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Part 1 of 3

As far as I remember and my research shows that 2014 election was the only election that was fought on the basis of Development. This was the first time since independence that a non-congress party gained majority on its own and Congress was down to 44 seats. Their defeat was so worse that they didn’t even reached to double digit in any Indian states.

Congress never fought any election based on development. From Nehru to Sonia (Now Pappu) every one divided Indian into Hindu & Muslim, Hindu into Dalit & Upward class, and Muslim into Sia & Sunni. Nehru-Gandhi followed the footstep of British. I.e. Divide and Rule. Nehru-Gandhi family applied the same policy to remain in power. When that policy didn’t serve, Indira Gandhi imposed emergency – the darkest period of India’s democracy.

Poverty marketing was always the main USP of congress (from Nehru to Rahul) to remain in power. They think that if poor get empowered then this is a direct challenge to Congress’ core ideology. Gandhi dynasty believes that Indians are their salves and they have got the birth right to rule over them. So, congress party and their obsequious fellow reached to the breaking point of naughtiness to defame Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as it could not digest the rise of the latter from humble beginnings.

Congress in their seventy years of regime enjoyed power in royal style, made billions at the cost of poor Indian and facilitated sympathizer as well. These sympathizers constitute of: Media, NGOs, Intellectuals and many more. The obsequious congress men and others cannot even accept the fact that anyone other than Gandhi heir can be the president of Congress Party then how can they digest the fact that Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of Republic of India.

It is too much for Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, how they can expect a sane, talented, poor and nationalist to question their authority.

“Intolerance” => “Lynching” => “Not In My Name”

Rohit Vemula, Akhlaq Khan, kalburgi, Junaid Khan, Una, Asifa…….What is common to all these names? I know what you all are thinking, (Muslim, Minority, Dalit or Victim of violence). That’s ridicules and you are wrong because they were the tools that congree & Co. were looking for and used to serve narrow political ends.

One word that dominated the year 2015-Till today and made headlines in all newspapers, national television and kept trending on social media is/was ‘intolerance’.

The whole process of defaming Modi started with the following incidents.

  • Murder of M. M. kalburgi (rationalist- scholar), Narendra Dabholkar and Govind Pansare.
  • Beef Ban by Maharashtra and Haryana state government.
  • Shiv Sena protest against Pakistani actors and singers after Terrorist attack.
  • Censor board edited long and passionate kissing scenes from Spectre.

Since Kalburgi was a rationalist-thinker, Beef-eaters were Muslim and state government of Maharashtra and Haryana were/is meant to be pro Hindu, Pakistani actors were Muslim, these incidents became the centre of a political storm and attained significant media glare.

Nayantara Sehgal, niece of former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, manufactured and started ‘Award Wapasi’ campaign in October-2015. After that string of pseudo secular writers, historians, scientists, sociologists, film-stars, filmmakers returned their awards citing ‘raising their voice against the changing secular fabric of the country’. And to make this “manufactured revolt” and “intellectual intolerance” campaign more popular and successful, Muslim actor, Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan joined the chorus.khan

However, after the “intolerance” campaign started to evaporate, congress, allies, sympathizer and western-interest-group opened dictionary and hunted a new word called “Lynching”. Death of Muslim man named Mohammed Akhlaq in Dadri by mob over rumors of beef consumption oxygenated the newly hatched word.

The #NotInMyName campaign was coined by filmmaker Saba Dewan after the death of 15-year-old Muslims boy named Junaid Khan who was stabbed to death in Ballabhgarh, Haryana by a hindu (Haryana High Court Verdict::There is neither any evidence of any preplanning to cause incident deliberately or intentionally or to create disharmony)

From Dadri to Alwar (Rakbar Khan alias Akbar, who was beaten to death by mob in Alwar, District of Rajasthan) there’s been an emotional debate & protest about rising intolerance and lynching in the world’s largest democracy. Why are they all important today? All of these incidents were used by media, INC and their sympathizers to paint the Modi led government as a fascist, Anti-Muslim, Pro-Hindu regime that would crush Muslims, Christians and Dalit as it sought to transform India into a Hindu-Pakistan.Tharoor

Disclaimer: RavianViews Does not Support any type of violence.

Fact and Figure without Fear and Favour

Kalburgi was murdered in Karnataka, Mohammed Akhlaq was Lynched in UP and both of these states were ruled by a party other than the BJP. Since Law & Order is the subject of state, so how Modi govt. is/was responsible?

These Award- Wapasi gang and carrying placards saying “Not In My Name” gang have been around for long enough to see what the nation has been through. They have seen 1984 Sikh-Massacre, Kashmiri Pundits slaughter, voice suppression of Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie but they never returned their awards.Sikh Riot

Someone may argue that these are past incidents then let me bring some more fact that happened between 2014 and 2018 but these intellectuals, NGOs and so call secular parties remained silent over lynching of Md Ayub Pandith by a Muslim Mob. What about the killing of officers like Ummar Fayyaz and Feroze Ahmad Dar? India didn’t saw any award wapasi or not in my name campaign when a pregnant Muslim woman was burnt alive by her parents for marrying a Hindu Dalit, Where was your conscience when Dalit VHP leader Arun Mahaur was hacked to death by a Muslim gang in Agra? The examples are too numerous to recount here.

Indian society, with its diversity, has its own distinct features. Essentially, both Hindus and Muslims are very sensitive about their respective religious symbols, and over the centuries of interaction they have learned to respect each other’s sentiments (sounds good but that’s not reality). Believe it or not emotionally and ideologically Hindus never have tolerated cow slaughter, regardless of the regime.

I am neither opposing criticism nor supporting any form of religious intolerance. The point I want to drive here is that criticism has to be rational and responsible but selective outrage raises doubts on the intentions of these intellectuals because books and films have been banned earlier, people and have been lynched earlier by masses. It was just the perception of a few that was unnecessarily magnified by media to create an environment of intolerance to serve narrow political ends.

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